Day 1: Opening and Plenary Session

G. McBean – Opening Remarks

T. Rosswall – Introductory Remarks

C. Fu – Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study

C. Nobre – Overview of Global Environmental Change

C. Korner – Beyong Counting: Biodiversity Drives the Earth System

R. Leemans – Earth System Science: Progress and Challenges

Day 2: Earth System Science in a Societal Context: The Need for Inter-Disciplinary Science

D. Liverman: How Can We Achieve Food Security in the Face of Global Environmental Change?

T. McMichael: Global Environmental Change and Human Health: Issues and Research Needs

F. Lansigan: Beyond Conflict: Sharing the Global Water System for Nature, Food, and Economic Development

M. Raupach: Carbon in the Earth System: Dynamics and Vulnerabilities

Day 3: GEC Science Links with Policy and Development Agendas

K. Trenberth: GEC Science in Relation to International Environmental Assessments and Conventions

L. King: GEC Science in Relation to Policy Formulation at the Regional Level

S. Lennon: GEC Science and the Power Sector in Africa

D. Murdiyarso: On the Brink of Accelerated Changes: Asia’s Challenges and Opportunities in Sustainable Development

M.J. Williams: GEC Science in Relation to Development Agencies

Day 4: Closing Plenary: ESSP Future

Young Scientists’ Award Ceremony

J. Church: ESSP Now and in the Future

E. Dowdeswell: Looking Beyong Tomorrow: Regional and Global Research Challenges